Srinivasaiah.M.S‎(Sharada)‎ "Haritasa" ‎(unknown)‎  ‎(I80)‎
Srinivasaiah.M.S‎(Sharada)‎ "Haritasa" ‎(unknown)‎
Nickname: Haritasa

Gender: MaleMale

Birth: Bangalore
Death: 9 November 1998 Bangalore
Personal Facts and Details
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Birth Bangalore

Death 9 November 1998 Bangalore

Reference Number 2+2.2
Globally unique Identifier AE82AA8E4CE72840B100F12D1570B92E3EA0
Last Change 27 January 2015 - 14:05:08
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Parents Family  (F26)
Subbaraya Sastry‎[Gauravadani ]‎‎(Achhamma)‎ "Haritasa" ‎(unknown)‎
Achhamma Subbaraya Sastry ‎(unknown)‎
Srinivasaiah.M.S‎(Sharada)‎ "Haritasa" ‎(unknown)‎
- 1998
Sathyanarayana.M.S‎(Savithri)‎ "Haritasa" ‎(unknown)‎
Annapurnamma@Kamala Paniraj ‎(unknown)‎

Immediate Family  (F62)
Sharada Srinivasaiah. ‎(unknown)‎
Saraswathi Lakshminarayan.P ‎(unknown)‎
Vijayalakshmi.M.S ‎(unknown)‎
1954 - 2006
Chandrashekar.M.S‎(Shanthalakshmi)‎ "Haritasa" ‎(unknown)‎
Venkatesh.M.S‎(Veena)‎ "Haritasa" ‎(unknown)‎
Ramachandra.M.S‎(Vani)‎ "Haritasa" ‎(unknown)‎


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