Ramachandra Sastry.K.S‎(Kamalamma)‎ ‎(unknown)‎  ‎(I7756)‎
Ramachandra Sastry.K.S‎(Kamalamma)‎ ‎(unknown)‎

Gender: MaleMale

Death: 12 January 2013 Bangalore
Personal Facts and Details
Unable to find family with ID F19262Unable to find family with ID F15910Unable to find family with ID F20688
Death 12 January 2013 Bangalore

Globally unique Identifier 26C39B19FFB1D24DBD37EA873682F2D550A3
Last Change 27 January 2015 - 14:05:08
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Parents Family  (F286)
Shivarama Sastry.R‎(Sitamma)‎.Kugur "Srivatsa" ‎(unknown)‎
Seethamma Shivarama Sastry ‎(unknown)‎
Ramaswamy.K.S‎(Shyamala @Geetha)‎ ‎(unknown)‎
- 2017
Ramachandra Sastry.K.S‎(Kamalamma)‎ ‎(unknown)‎
- 2013
Parvathamma Sitaramaiah.M.S ‎(unknown)‎
Janaki.S ‎(unknown)‎
Kalavathy Balasubramanya ‎(unknown)‎

Immediate Family  (F11489)
Kamalamma Ramchandra Sastry.K.S ‎(unknown)‎
Vaidehi Srinivasa Murthy ‎(unknown)‎
Somashekar.R‎(Savithri)‎ ‎(unknown)‎
Uma Nagaraj ‎(unknown)‎


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