Nagarajamma Dakshinamurthy.K.N ‎(unknown)‎  ‎(I17331)‎
Nagarajamma Dakshinamurthy.K.N ‎(unknown)‎

Gender: FemaleFemale

Death: 23 January 2013 Bangalore
Personal Facts and Details
Unable to find family with ID F16284
Death 23 January 2013 Bangalore

Globally unique Identifier 6C49E5BD264E7C4A8848D1411FE7DC34893A
Last Change 27 January 2015 - 14:05:10
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Parents Family  (F6681)
Gopalaiah.K.R‎(Nanjamma)‎ ‎(unknown)‎
Nanjamma Gopalaiah.K.R ‎(unknown)‎
Nagarajamma Dakshinamurthy.K.N ‎(unknown)‎
- 2013
Sathyanarayana.K.G‎(Jagadambha)‎ ‎(unknown)‎
Vasudevaiah.K.G‎(Dakshayini)‎ ‎(unknown)‎
Vijayalakshmi Sathyanarayan.N ‎(unknown)‎
- 2018
Ramesh.K.G.Dr‎(Shobha)‎ ‎(unknown)‎

Immediate Family  (F6688)
Dakshinamurthy.K.N.‎(Nagarajamma)‎ ‎(unknown)‎
Purushotham.S‎(Bharathi)‎ ‎(unknown)‎


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